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Chromatix Marker Review

Hey guys! So I know it’s been DECADES since I’ve done anything here and I’m sorry— you know school and stuff.

This isn’t a Harvest Moon post (obviously), but for Christmas I got a 30 markers set from the brand Chromatix and decided to make a little review about it.

I know a lot of people always complain about how expensive Copics are. They want nice markers but it’s just so goddamn expensive. The Chromatix markers, I think for many would serve as a decent alternative to Copics to those who are more recreational with art.


First of all, they are much much cheaper! For example, my 30-set of Chromatix was around $50 US dollars, while a 30 set of Copics whereas a 36-set Copic Sketch is around $150 US dollars. It’s also made in the US if that bears any significance for you.

Like the Copics, they are alcohol based which allow for nice coating and adequate blending. They also have a nice brush tip as well as a fine tip like most Copic markers do. My set came with 14 markers, another 14 in a slight different shade, and then 2 markers equivalent to Copic’s blending marker.

This all being said, I would definitely say though that Chromatix is lower in quality than Copic markers. Copics also have a much much wider variety of colors and has multiple types of markers to use. The color variety can be a major problem depending on what you are doing. I also am going to note that I read a lot of complaints about people receiving their marker and that they ended up being very dry— I didn’t have this problem, but keep it in mind maybe?

With all that being said, I definitely think in comparison to my Faber Castle Markers, the Chromatix definitely put down color more solidly and blend nicer. And that made me really happy. If you’re like me, more recreationally into art, I definitely would recommend them. However, if you seriously want to go into art or want high quality markers, I suggest to go for the Copics. (Be sure to save yourself and find cheaper ways to get them if you are!)

Anyways thanks for reading this! I hope this was of some help to you! I haven’t yet used them for any major projects that I have completed, so below is just two quick and sloppy doodles I did and colored with Chromatix. As you can see the coloring is solid, however the blending proves to be more difficult. But if you’re okay with that, they’re definitely the cheaper option and may be better for you! (Just so you know: I did not blend the hat on the top one, I wanted solid edges so I left it. In general I really didn’t go all out on the blending.)image




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